Technical Standardization Centre

  • The company operates as a Technical Standardization Centre established by the Czech Standardization Agency for the following areas of technical standardization:
    1. Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures;
    2. Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures;
    3. Eurocode 9: Design of aluminium structures;
    4. Steel and aluminium structures;
    5. Steel: Materials and Designing;
    6. Aluminium structures.
  • Creation and translation of standards in the field of steel structures (e.g. the standards CSN EN 1090-1, CSN EN 1090-2, CSN EN 1993-1-1, CSN EN 1993-1-4, CSN EN 1993-1-6, CSN EN 1993-1-11, CSN EN 1993-1-12, CSN EN 1993-4-1, CSN EN 1993-4-2, CSN EN 1993-4-3, CSN EN 1993-6).